CTO – Chief Technology Officer: Part time – Full time – Few hours a month – On Demand – You choose.

Most of the successful businesses have a Chief Information Officer whose job is to get the most out of the organization’s information technology resources.  The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for strategic planning, aligning technology resources with organizations’ business goals and performing periodic reviews to make sure goals are being met.  Unfortunately, majority of the small to medium size businesses do not have the resources to have a full time in house Chief Technology Officer. This is where GCS’ CTO Services come in. All customers enrolled in our CTO Services are assigned a highly experienced IT Manger who provides the above mentioned services.
GCS has been providing such services since 1996 to many small to medium size businesses in Chicago and suburbs. We have saved significant amount of money to these businesses while improving technology infrastructure, customer service, security of network and employee productivity.
Our Chief Technology Officers review current technology set up of the client, determine vulnerabilities, areas of wastage and develop a plan for productivity and profit improvements. They implement these plans after taking approvals from stake holders and present progress reports with facts.