Consulting and Networking

With all the different hardware, software and technologies (Cloud, DaaS, ITaaS, SaaS, PaaS) available today it’s very difficult to know which ones are the best and are worth implementing for your particular business to thrive. In addition, it is even trickier to determine if your business needs to be HIPAA or SOX compliant. As a business owner, you may not have the time to research every possible solution let alone have the expertise in how best to implement the solution in a simplified and cost-efficient fashion.
That’s where our consultation services can be of value to you. We offer professional consulting services to assist your business in making informed decisions based on sound research and experience. When you work with GCS Consulting you are getting a long term business partner dedicated to providing you with the best, yet cost-effective, technological solutions.
Here at GCS, we have a different philosophy on how we work with our clients in meeting their Information Technology needs. Unlike GCS, other consulting firms may attempt to promote their own products and services. When this happens there is bias involved. GCS is committed to only providing the solutions which your business needs and will not base its recommendations on bias claims to promote certain products. Hence, we only recommend the client the best solutions which are tailored specifically for their business needs. As a result, we ensure that your business will maintain an efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure.
Additionally, GCS deploys a wide range of products and services on a daily basis; some in house and some third party. Hence, GCS is able to evaluate your business needs and find the best, most cost effective way to solve it. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of our FREE first consultation service to discuss your needs and how we may help implement the appropriate solutions needed for your business to thrive. Call us at 1-847-763-0763 or email us at

No Need for Consultation, but Need Networking Done?

GCS offers a wide range of remote and on-site technical services for small to medium sized businesses. Our services include, but are not limited to the following: Maintenance and Support, Helpdesk Support, Server Configuration, PC repair, Remote Monitoring , Management of PCs, Servers, Phone Systems, Hosted Email, Office 365, Cloud Servers, Firewalls and Switches. We have certified and fully trained technicians and engineers that can troubleshoot PCs, servers and printers as well as entire local and wide area, wired and wireless networks.
Whether you're small to medium sized business looking for a technology partner or an enterprise looking for additional resources to complement your existing IT department, we offer the products, services and solutions that will add value to your organization. Some of the certifications our technicians hold are: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP), A+ certified technicians, Cisco Certified Networking Associates (CCNA) and Citrix Certified Administrators (CCA).